Packages beginning with letter "N"

nacl-binutils A GNU collection of binary utilities
nacl-gcc Various compilers (C, C++) for nacl
nacl-newlib C library intended for use on embedded systems
nethogs A tool resembling top for network traffic
netsurf Lightweight Web Browser with its own layout and rendering engine
netsurf-fb Compact graphical web browser (framebuffer frontend)
nettle A low-level cryptographic library
nettle-devel Development headers for a low-level cryptographic library
nettle-static Static libraries for a low-level cryptographic library
nscd A Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd).
ntlmaps NTLMAPS is a proxy server that authenticates requests to Microsoft proxies that require NTLM authentication.
ntp The NTP daemon and utilities
ntp-doc NTP documentation
ntp-perl NTP utilities written in Perl
ntpdate Utility to set the date and time via NTP