An FTP proxy/gateway server.

jftpgw is a proxy server for the FTP protocol. If it is running on a
machine, you can use a standard FTP client to connect to that machine. You
log in with remoteuser@destination with the password of the user on the
destination FTP server and the FTP session is forwarded from the `real' FTP
server to the jftpgw proxy and from there to your client. You can also
specify the destination port on the login string. jftpgw supports
passive/active FTP, access restrictions (based on source IP, target IP and
the user name), user rewriting and tries to drop its privileges as often as
possible. You can run jftpgw as a normal user as well.


Homepage: http://www.mcknight.de/jftpgw/

Group: System Environment/Daemons

License: GPL

Vendor: Invoca Systems




jftpgw-0.13.5-2.i686 [90 KiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2015-11-24):
- recompile
- some cleanup of spec-file


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