Development utilities from GNU C library

The glibc-utils package contains memusage, a memory usage profiler,
mtrace, a memory leak tracer and xtrace, a function call tracer
which can be helpful during program debugging.

If unsure if you need this, don't install this package.



Group: Development/Tools

License: LGPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ with exceptions and GPLv2+




glibc-utils-2.12.2-2.i686 [157 KiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2015-01-29):
- CVE-2015-0235
- modify original patch
glibc-utils-2.12.2-1.i686 [157 KiB] Changelog by Andreas Schwab (2010-12-13):
- Update to 2.12.2 release
  - Declare wcpcpy and wcpncpy only under _GNU_SOURCE
  - Fix use of restrict in wchar.h and string.h
  - Fix race in qsort_r initialization (BZ#11655)
  - Fix IPTOS_CLASS definition (BZ#11903)
  - Don't ignore zero TTL in DNS answers
  - Fix x86 pthread_cond_signal() FUTEX_WAKE_OP fallback
  - Work around kernel rejecting valid absolute timestamps
  - Allow aux_cache_file open()ing to fail silently even in the chroot
    mode (BZ#11149)
  - Fix multiple nss_compat initgroups() bugs (BZ#10085)
  - Properly convert f_fsid in statvfs (BZ#11611)
  - Avoid too much stack use in fnmatch (BZ#11883)
  - Fix comparison in sqrtl for IBM long double 128
  - Fix warnings in __bswap_16 (BZ#12194)
  - Properly quote output of locale (BZ#11904)
  - Fix perturbing in malloc on free (BZ#12140)
  - Don't expand DST twice in dl_open
  - Fix memory leak for some invalid regular expressions (BZ#12078)
  - Linux getifaddrs might return entries with ->ifa_addr being NULL
  - Handle large malloc requests (BZ#12005)
  - getdents64 fallback d_type support
  - Fix register conflict in s390 ____longjmp_chk
  - Fix _FORITY_SOURCE version of longjmp for Linux/x86-64 (BZ#11968)
  - Fix array overflow in floating point parser (BZ#7066)
  - Missing server address again leads to localhost being used (BZ#10851)
  - Document M_PERTURB
  - Fix vDSO synthetic hwcap handling so they are not masked out from matching
  - 32bit memset-sse2.S fails with uneven cache size (BZ#12191)
  - Verify in ttyname() that the symlink is valid (BZ#12167)
  - Fix concurrency problem between dl_open and dl_iterate_phdr
  - Fix x86-64 strchr propagation of search byte into all bytes of SSE
    register (BZ#12159)
  - Fix alignment of AVX safe area on x86-64 (BZ#12113, #643889)
- Don't ignore $ORIGIN in libraries


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