Package to construct, view and analyse atomic structures

GAMGI (General Atomistic Modelling Graphic Interface) aims to be useful for:
  1) the scientific community working in atomistic modelling, who needs a graphic
     interface to build and analyse atomic structures
  2) the scientific community at large, who needs a graphic interface to study
     atomic structures and to prepare images for presentations
  3) teaching the atomic structure of matter in schools and universities, even
     inviting students to run GAMGI at home
  4) science promotion, in exhibitions and science museums.

GAMGI can determine any point group of symmetry, can build crystals for any space group
of symmetry, can build Random Close Packing structures, Voronoi and coordination polyhedra
for arbitrary structures. GAMGI comes with comprehensive atomic data, including ionic radius
and isotopic data. GAMGI can handle an arbitrary number of independent windows, layers (with
different referentials, projections, viewports and visibilities), lights (directional, positional
and spot), 3D text fonts (extruded and stroked). Actions can be performed in a single object or
in a list of objects previously selected. GAMGI comes with detailed but concise documentation,
just one click away for each task.



Group: Sciences/Chemistry

License: GPLv2




gamgi-0.17.2-1.el7.x86_64 [2.0 MiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2017-05-16):
- bump version
- massage patch2


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