A caching dns proxy for small networks or dialin accounts

pdnsd is a proxy DNS daemon with permanent (disk-)cache and the ability
to serve local records. It is designed to detect network outages or hangups
and to prevent DNS-dependent applications like Netscape Navigator from hanging.

The original author of pdnsd is Thomas Moestl, but pdnsd is no longer maintained
by him. This is an extensively revised version by Paul A. Rombouts.
For a description of the changes see http://members.home.nl/p.a.rombouts/pdnsd.html
and the file README.par in /usr/share/doc/pdnsd-1.2.9a

It's possible to rebuild the source RPM with isdn support using the rpmbuild option:
  --with isdn

It's possible to rebuild the source RPM with ipv6 support using the rpmbuild option:
  --with ipv6


Homepage: http://members.home.nl/p.a.rombouts/pdnsd.html

Group: Daemons

License: GPLv3

Vendor: Paul A. Rombouts




pdnsd-1.2.9a-3.src [512 KiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2016-09-20):
- remove --parents from %doc macro as this no longer works


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