Command-line tool to drive OpenVAS Manager

OpenVAS CLI contains the command line tool "omp" which allows to create batch
processes to drive OpenVAS Manager.



Group: Applications/System

License: GPLv2+




openvas-cli-1.4.5-8.fc29.x86_64 [56 KiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2019-01-11):
- rebuild


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Fedora 29  SRPMS
Fedora 28i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora 27i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora 26i386 x86_64 SRPMS
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Fedora 22 (retired)i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora ALLi386 x86_64 SRPMS
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