F1 Simulation

This game was developed for the RETRO-REMAKES REMAKE COMPETITION 2004
organized by http://www.remakes.org

This is the unofficial remake of Konami's F-1 SPIRIT which was originally
released in 1987 for the MSX home computer systems.

Making sure that Konami won't sue us, we are telling you that we are not
related to Konami in any way except for liking their excellent games.

Also, this is a not-for-profit remake. So, we don't get any money from
remaking this or any other Konami title.


Homepage: http://www.braingames.getput.com/f1spirit/

Group: Amusements/Games

License: GPL




f1spirit-0.rc9.1615-2.fc27.i686 [16.9 MiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2017-05-10):
- bump version
- some cleanup of spec-file
- disable stripping of binaries


other Distributions


Fedora 32 x86_64 aarch64 SRPMS
Fedora 31 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 30i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 29i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 28i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 27 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 26i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 25i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 24 (retired)i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 22 (retired)i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 21 (retired)i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 20 (retired)i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 19 (retired)i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 18 (retired)i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 17 (retired)i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 16 (retired)i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora ALLi386 x86_64  SRPMS
Use the software as is. Bug-Reports should go to my Ticket-System and not to the systems from Fedora|RedHat|Centos|rpmfusion.