An automatic NZB and torrent downloader

CouchPotato (CP) is an automatic NZB and torrent downloader. You can keep
a "movies I want"-list and it will search for NZBs/torrents of these
movies every X hours. Once a movie is found, it will send it to SABnzbd
or download the torrent to a specified directory.



Group: Productivity/Networking/News/Clients

License: GPLv3+




couchpotato-3.0.1-3.fc25.noarch [4.7 MiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2019-10-24):
- remove exec-flagfrom service-file
couchpotato-3.0.1-1.fc25.noarch [4.7 MiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2015-09-01):
- bump version


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