Packages beginning with letter "M"

Medusa Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows
mactelnet Console tools for connecting to devices using MikroTik RouterOS MAC-Telnet protocol
matrixgl 3D Matrix Screensaver
matrixgl-xscreensaver XScreenSaver support for matrixgl
maxima Symbolic Computation Program
maxima-gui Tcl/Tk GUI interface for maxima
maxima-runtime-clisp Maxima compiled with clisp
maxima-runtime-ecl Maxima compiled with ECL
maxima-runtime-sbcl Maxima compiled with SBCL
maxima-src maxima lisp source code
mlogc ModSecurity Audit Log Collector
mod_authnz_jwt Authentication module for Apache httpd with JSON web tokens (JWT)
mod_logslow Module logging slow requests for Apache
mod_security Security module for the Apache HTTP Server
mp3info MP3 Tag Utility
msgviewer Display Outlook MSG Files
mysqltuner MySQL configuration assistant