audit User space tools for 2.6 kernel auditing
bind The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) DNS (Domain Name System) server
dovecot Secure imap and pop3 server
elasticsearch A distributed, highly available, RESTful search engine
graylog2-server graylog2-server
haproxy HAProxy reverse proxy for high availability environments
httpd Apache HTTP Server
jftpgw An FTP proxy/gateway server.
keepalived Load balancer and high availability service
lldpd Implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP)
mod_logslow Module logging slow requests for Apache
mod_security Security module for the Apache HTTP Server
ntp The NTP daemon and utilities
privoxy Privacy enhancing proxy
squid The Squid proxy caching server
tor Anonymizing overlay network for TCP
ulogd Userspace logging daemon for netfilter
webfs Simple http server for mostly static content