4dtris Tetris game in four dimensions
Medusa Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows
SABnzbd An Open Source Binary Newsreader written in Python
acidrip An automated Perl front end for MPlayer/Mencoder
adminer Full-featured database management tool written in PHP
adminer-common Common files for Adminer
adminer-designs Alternative designs
adminer-editor Easy-to-use and user-friendly database data editing tool written in PHP
adminer-elasticsearch Dependencies required for Adminer ElasticSearch support
adminer-firebird Dependencies required for Adminer Firebird SQL support
adminer-mongodb Dependencies required for Adminer MongoDB support
adminer-mysql Dependencies required for Adminer MySQL support
adminer-pgsql Dependencies required for Adminer PostgreSQL support
akmod-tp_smapi Akmod package for tp_smapi kernel module(s)
albert Desktop agnostic launcher
alephone framework for 3D first-person shooter games
alienpool Arcade-style mix of asteroids and pool
amide Program for viewing and analyzing medical image data sets
anagram Anagram finder
assaultcube Total conversion of Cube first person shooter
asteroids3D A 3D first-person game of blowing up asteroids
atomiks A remake of the classic Atomix game for modern platforms
batalhao Pilot a tank to protect the city
bb AAlib demo
beastieworker A 3D realization of SOCOBAN
belooted A game of Belote
bitcoin A peer-to-peer electronic crypto-currency cash system
bitcoin-devel Header files and libraries needed for bitcoin development
btanks Funny battle on your desk
btanks-data Data files for btanks
davmail DavMail is a POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP gateway for Microsoft Exchange
dcc a clients-server system for collecting checksums of mail messages.
devilspie A window-matching utility
duc Duc, a library and suite of tools for inspecting disk usage
electricsheep Screensaver showing collective dreams of sleeping computers
eleet Screensaver based on ships from Elite
eleet-kde eleet-screensaver for KDE
eleet-xscreensaver eleet-screensaver for xscreensaver
fireflies Fireflies Screensaver
font-manager A simple font management application for Gtk+ Desktop Environments
golang-github-schachmat-ingo-devel !!!!FILL!!!!
golang-github-schachmat-ingo-unit-test-devel Unit tests for golang-github-schachmat-ingo package
gopher A gopher client
idntag Automatically identify, tag and rename audio files
jless Command-line JSON viewer
kexec-reboot Easily choose a kernel to kexec
kmod-tp_smapi Metapackage which tracks in tp_smapi kernel module for newest kernel
lavanet Lavanet Screensaver
lazygit Simple terminal UI for git commands
libdb4 The Berkeley DB database library (version 4) for C
libdb4-cxx The Berkeley DB database library (version 4) for C++
libdb4-cxx-devel C++ development files for the Berkeley DB database library (version 4)
libdb4-devel C development files for the Berkeley DB (version 4) library
libdb4-devel-static Berkeley DB (version 4) static libraries
libdb4-doc Documentation for the Berkeley DB
libdb4-tcl Development files for using the Berkeley DB (version 4) with tcl
libdb4-tcl-devel Development files for using the Berkeley DB (version 4) with tcl
libdb4-utils Command line tools for managing Berkeley DB (version 4) databases
libdvdcss A portable abstraction library for DVD decryption
libdvdcss-devel Header files and development libraries for libdvdcss
libnetfilter_log Netfilter logging userspace library
libnetfilter_log-devel Netfilter logging userspace library
liferea An RSS/RDF feed reader
linux_logo Show a logo with some system info on the console
matrixgl 3D Matrix Screensaver
matrixgl-xscreensaver XScreenSaver support for matrixgl
mod_authnz_jwt Authentication module for Apache httpd with JSON web tokens (JWT)
mod_logslow Module logging slow requests for Apache
mp3info MP3 Tag Utility
oolite A space simulation game, inspired by Elite
openboard cross-platform interactive whiteboard application
openjfx Rich client application platform for Java
pathological an enriched clone of the game "Logical" by Rainbow Arts
php-horde-Horde-Cache Horde Caching API
php-horde-Horde-Date Horde Date package
php-horde-Horde-Db Horde Database Libraries
php-horde-Horde-Exception Horde Exception Handler
php-horde-Horde-ListHeaders Horde List Headers Parsing Library
php-horde-Horde-Stream-Wrapper Horde Stream wrappers
php-horde-Horde-Translation Horde translation library
php-horde-Horde-Util Horde Utility Libraries
php-horde-horde Horde Application Framework
php-pecl-wddx Web Distributed Data Exchange
pike80 Interpreted, high-level, object oriented language
pike80-bzip2 bzip2 pike module
pike80-devel Header files, libraries and development documentation for pike.
pike80-ffmpeg ffmpeg pike module
pike80-freetype Freetype module for pike
pike80-fuse Pike Fuse Module
pike80-gdbm gdb pike module
pike80-gl GL pike module
pike80-glut GLUT pike module
pike80-gssapi Pike GSSAPI Module
pike80-gtk2 GTK2 module for pike.
pike80-image Image pike module
pike80-java Java pike module
pike80-mysql MySQL pike module
pike80-odbc ODBC pike module
pike80-pcre Pike PCRE Regular Expression Module
pike80-pdf PDF pike module
pike80-postgres Postgres pike module
pike80-sane sane pike module
pike80-sdl SDL (Simple Direct Media Layer) module for pike.
pike80-sqlite sqlite pike module
pike80-svg SVG Image module for pike.
pike80-webp Pike Webp Module
pike80-zlib zlib pike module
python2-rpmUtils python rpmUtils
python3-LandmarkRegistration An interactive registration tool that manages viewing and manipulating of sets of fiducials
python3-cstruct C-style structs for Python
python3-dicomweb-client Client for DICOMweb RESTful services
python3-fierce A DNS reconnaissance tool for locating non-contiguous IP space
python3-freewvs A local web vulnerability scanner
python3-puremagic identify a file based off it's magic numbers
python3-sabctools C implementations of functions for use within SABnzbd
python3-sabyenc3 Fork of original yenc module for use within SABnzbd
repoview Creates a set of static HTML pages in a yum repository
rollercoaster An OpenGL rollercoaster ride animation
rollercoaster-xscreensaver An OpenGL rollercoaster ride animation for xscreensaver
rsstool Command-line RSS/Atom parser and generator
rubygem-os Simple and easy way to know if you're on windows or not (reliably), as well as how many bits the OS is, etc
rubygem-os-doc Documentation for rubygem-os
rubygem-sha3 SHA3 for Ruby
rubygem-sha3-doc Documentation for rubygem-sha3
rubygem-tasks Better Process Manager for Ruby
rubygem-tasks-doc Documentation for rubygem-tasks
schismtracker Sound module composer/player
solarsystem solarsystem Screensaver
solarsystem-kde solarsystem-screensaver for KDE
solarsystem-xscreensaver solarsystem-screensaver for xscreensaver
teg Turn based strategy game
tp_smapi Thinkpad hardware/firmware features
ulogd Userspace logging daemon for netfilter
webfs Simple http server for mostly static content
xdiskusage Grapically displays the amount of disks used for by each subdirectory.
xfce4-hdaps-plugin A plugin to indicate the status of HDAPS
xmedcon-gtk2 A medical image conversion utility and library
xmedcon-gtk2-devel Libraries files for (X)MedCon development
xroach Some cockroaches on your root window
xtermcontrol dynamic control of XFree86 xterm properties
youtube-dl A small command-line program to download online videos