Packages beginning with letter "T"

tempest A screen saver
tempest-kde tempest-screensaver for KDE
tempest-xscreensaver tempest-screensaver for xscreensaver
tenmado Spaceship vertical-scrolling shooting game for X
termsaver Simple text-based terminal screensaver
tiled Tiled Map Editor
tiled-plugin-defold Defold plugin for Tiled
tiled-plugin-droidcraft Droidcraft plugin for Tiled
tiled-plugin-flare Flare plugin for Tiled
tiled-plugin-gmx GameMaker Studio plugin for Tiled
tiled-plugin-python Python plugin for Tiled
tiled-plugin-replica-island Replica Island plugin for Tiled
tiled-plugin-t-engine4 T-Engine4 plugin for Tiled
tiled-plugin-tbin tBIN plugin for Tiled
tp_smapi Thinkpad hardware/firmware features
transset-df Sets translucency properties
trophy Car racing game with special features