Packages beginning with letter "L"

libgfx Simple graphics library
libgigi GiGi (aka GG) is a C++ OpenGL GUI library.
libgigi-SDL SDL plugin for libgigi (GiGi/GG)
libgigi-SDL-devel Development files for libgigi(GiGi/GG) SDL plugin
libgigi-devel Development files for libgigi (GiGi/GG)
libgigi-doc Documentation for libgigi(GiGi/GG)
libgigi-ogre Ogre plugin for libgigi (GiGi/GG)
libgigi-ogre-devel Development files for libgigi(GiGi/GG) Ogre plugin
libunrar Decompress library for RAR v3 archives
libunrar-devel Development files for libunrar
lldpd Implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP)
lldpd-devel Implementation of IEEE 802.1ab - Tools and header files for developers