An extension of GTK

Granite is an extension of GTK. Among other things, it provides the
commonly-used widgets such as modeswitchers, welcome screens, AppMenus, search
bars, and more found in elementary apps.



Group: Unspecified

License: GPLv3




granite-0.1.1-1.fc18.src [125 KiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2013-05-03):
- bump version
granite-0.1.0-13.fc18.src [94 KiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2013-05-02):
- Rebuild + fix spec


other Distributions


Fedora 20 (retired)i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 19 (retired)i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora 18 (retired)i386 x86_64   
Fedora 17 (retired)i386 x86_64  SRPMS
Fedora ALLi386 x86_64  SRPMS
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