Documentation for libgigi(GiGi/GG)

Documentation for libgigi(GiGi/GG)



Group: Amusements/Games

License: GPLv2




libgigi-doc-0.8.0-7.fc17.noarch [30 KiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2013-09-13):
- incorporate libGiGi
- split off libs
- disable modification of path in ogre_plugins.cfg
libgigi-doc-0.8.0-6.fc17.noarch [566 KiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2013-02-16):
- extract libgigi from freeorion
  therefore we no longer have a valid svnrev
libgigi-doc-0.8.0-5.fc17.noarch [566 KiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2012-11-09):
- add patch4 for compile error
- fix install-section
- fix doc-section


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