Downloader for X that supports resuming and many other features

This program lets you download files from the internet using either the ftp
or http protocols. The main features are : Multithread, user-friendly GTK+
interface, resuming, multiple simultaneous downloads, recursive downloads
with wildcard and filter support, HTML links change for offline browsing,
proxy support, bandwidth limitation, scheduling, mass download, ftp search,
and many others!


Homepage: http://www.krasu.ru/soft/chuchelo/

Group: Applications/Internet

License: Artistic




d4x- [1.1 MiB] Changelog by josef radinger (2012-06-03):
- rebuild


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Fedora 29i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora 28i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora 27i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora 26i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora 25i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora 24 (retired)i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora 20 (retired)i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora 19 (retired)i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora 18 (retired)i386 x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora 17 (retired) x86_64 SRPMS
Fedora ALLi386 x86_64 SRPMS
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