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ed2k-gtk-gui is a client for P2P networks like overnet or eDonkey2000.
Currently not downloadable, i still have some problems with packaging for 770 an squeezing the size and even modifying the default-settings to get it usefull integrated in 770. Please come back later.


One annoying point with my 770 is that some software is still not available for it :). I thought X-forwarding such programs from my desktop whould be great. The forwarding works great, but I miss the possibility to enter text in non-hildonized programs. One possibility, which worked for me was to install xvkbd on my desktop. xvkbd creates an onscreen-keyboard and now I can use e.g. mozilla on my 770.

nremote (retired)

My first project for 770 was to create some 'remote' for my dbox, which is a digital TV-receiver, operating under linux (not the standard-software from the vendor, but still possible) and having some web-interfaced API to connect to. As i worked on that I realized it would be much easier to use the browser and create some webapplication to plan recordings, shutdown the system or do whatever the box can do, by using the browser, than creating an application.

Car Navigation Kit

I purchased the available Car Navigation Kit from Nokia. Works great with both 770 and n800.
At first I had some troubles getting across my http-proxy, but after sorting that out, it worked like a charm. I use it not only in my car, but even during hiking and walking. The only annoyance is that one cannout route across map-horders. It would be a really great feature if it was possible to travvel from Austria, via Italy to Croatia. These are three maps and one has to find the correct points to connect from one map to another by using 'normal' paper-maps or some online map. Would be cool, if one could create own maps and merge e.g. Austria, Italy and Croatia into one map.


Search engines

Just drop additional files (.png for the icon and .xml for the actual engine-definition) under /usr/share/mis/ and start using (after restarting your nokia) additional search-engines. I use it for easy access to our bugzilla-database and to visit the German version of Wikipedia:
Nota bene: The images have to be at maximum 90x30 pixels. The images below have the correct size. By clicking on them, you get the xml-files. It should be quite easy and straightforward to create your own files.
- German Wikipedia
- RedHat Bugzilla

I now have a script to convert opensearch-xml files as used by firefox and ie7 into xml-files for 770/n800. With firefox you find the needed xml-files under $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/searchplugins This is in alpha-state!!! Issues:
  • Icons are not correct as firefox+ie7 use very small images
  • I found some searches, which were not correctly converted. If you find such a beast, dont hesitate and send me a note. Some engines need a bit of tweaking, the output could be a starting-point.

    Insert the content of your opensearch.xml here:

  • Waste of space

    Have you ever been annoyed by the wasting of space on your Tablet PCs display?
    Why should one want all those spacing between the applets, ... I gained some more pixels by editing some configfile. Be warned: You could brick your device! I did not brick mine, but who knows.
    You need: xterm, some editor (vi or mcedit or whatelse you use on your Nokia). Start and enable all those applets you want.
    Safe your config as usual.
    Start xterm, make a backup of /home/user/.osso/hildon-home/applet_manager.conf and start your editor
    You will find for each applet some section like:
    The lines X=... and Y=... are the interessting ones. For this applet I set them both to 0. Save your modifications and reboot your device. Voila.
    Please note that this should be save with all applets, as long as you dont obverlap them and dont fiddle with other settings. I did not try to set for example X-home-applet-width to some silly value.

    Typing the same commands in xterm over and over again?

    I use my tablet a lot for sshing to several hosts, and the tapping on my tablets display sucks compared to using a real keyboard. I know that xterm has the ability to use some preconfigured buttons, but those take away precious space. The solution is a modified .ash_history (or .bash_history for those who use that). Just type the most used commands into that file in /home/user/. Just beware that the shell tries to write to that file to append newly typed commands. But this happens only if you exit the shell, not if you close the application by clicking onto (x). Or you could sudo gainroot and chown root:root .ash_history. No that file is owned by root and not the regular user and therefore is safe as long as you dont use root.

    just ideas

    These are just ideas and are maybe not even doable.

  • Wikipedia for 770
    It would be the ultimate Hitchhikers Guide through the Galaxy
    You will need some big memorycard for that

  • make the systems multi-user aware. as those are basicaly linux-systems, it should not be that hard, but who knows where the software has hardcoded defaults??? Maybe one could use multiple boot-images for that.
  • Save space on my tablet by deleting unused languages. Would possibly break some package's dependencies.
  • I have to learn how to use apt-get properly. (I am currently used to rpms from redhat/fedora)
  • mysql-administrator

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